latest advert by strongbow.....but whats the song and also which movie is it from???????
22:03 Sun 26th Aug 2012
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In the House in a Heartbeat.
Film: 28 Days Later
pretty sure its from Donnie Darko but i'm trying to track it down myself!
It is 'In the House in a Heartbeat' by John Murphy and is from the soundtrack for the film '28 Days Later'.
Welcome to AnswerBank. Well done markdavid, thanks for taking part - however it was answered on Sunday.
the song is called In a Heart Beat - John´╗┐ Murphy and it was in 28 days later :)
In the house in a heartbeat by John Murphy. Featured in "28 Days Later" soundtrack
Welcome to Answerbank, stefanb, unfortunately this question has been answered by another user on Sun 26th August, but your information is useful and correct. :)
oooh oooh can I answer too?
What The Funicular ?
The song is called 'In The House In A Heartbeat', by John Murphy, and it's from 28 Days Later.
its composer John Murphy and the theme from 28 days later , also used in the film Sunshine and you might have heard a version in Kick Ass.
Great piece of music type in John Murphy in itunes or youtube
In the house,in a heartbeat by john murphy from the film 28 days later.
in the house in a heartbeat
John Murphy - "In the house - in a heartbeat" from Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later
its from 28 days later song is by john murphy and its called in the house in a heartbeat
The movie is kick ass in the part where big daddy kills the gangsters in wood shop
The piece is called 'In The House In A Heartbeat', it's by John Murphy, and it's in the film 28 Days Later.
movie- 28 Days Later

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