Britain's first photo album

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I usually watch this of an evening. Tonight they were in Stirling and there was a photographer who was using a camera similar to that used by F Frith.
To develop the glass plates KCl was used. I thought this was virtually impossible for normal people to obtain in UK.
How did he do it?
00:41 Thu 22nd Mar 2012
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Sorry Howard, can't answer your actual qustion but we are watching this programme each night. We had high hopes of it but are very disappointed as the researchers don't seem to find subjects in each town which are still standing so we can see the "then and now" effect. Sometimes the photos that JS takes are ridiculous. There is going to be another similar programme starting on Sunday on ITV I think, David Suchet presenting "people I have shot"..............
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A lot more channels but less choice!
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Just realised, I meant KCN is used to develop the plates.
Hello Howard - it was myself who was making the plates. It was KCN used in the process, and its obtained via companies such as Sigma Aldritch. A license is required along with proof of intended use. The KCN also needs to be registered with local police/fire dept etc. It's very tightly controlled. Kind regards, Alex Boyd
Hello Howard, a license is required to own and use KCN, which is acquired via one of the big chemical suppliers. Proof of intended use is needed, as is registering the chemicals with the local police/fire dept/hospital. Kind regards, Alex Boyd (the photographer from the BBC programme)

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