Who do you want to win Dancing on Ice ?

I want Chico to win.
17:20 Mon 12th Mar 2012
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I would like Jorgie to win :)
Chico is great too though, he looks like he is having fun too.
Whats dancing on ice?
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I agree supersuzy, he's so infectious! And to think he very nearly wasn't in it as he filled in for Chesney Hawkes who broke his leg in reahersals!

Headwreck, I think Louie Spence was way too hard on Jorgie last night. Do you mean Matthew from Emmerdale?
I'd like a gritter to win.
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defo Chico...
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Yes I did see his face headwreck, don't think he'll like Louie any more now! Mind you, neither do I, too much over the top for me. It's a shame Chico got boo'd (although I didn't hear it as I missed some of the voting programme), after all he did get 27 marks out of 30 and he well deserved that.
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I might have got that wrong, did you mean Chico or Louie got boo'd ?

murraymints - agree. Think I might have to start voting though to keep him in after being in the last two last night !
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Chico. If he's still in it - I haven't watched it for 2 weeks.
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Yes, chico's very popular - amazed he was in the last two !
I think jorgie is good, as is Jennifer. I think the best though is Matthew Wolfman. But Chico has pecs-appeal.
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All the remaining ones are good, but I would love Chico to come out on top - can you imagine his excitement ?

I'm off now, but I hope your views keep on coming !
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Lol Salla - Matthew Wolfenden ...
Matthew to win. My hairdresser knew Chico before he became famous and said even then, he was so full of himself and thought everyone loved him!
no way, matthew from Emmerdale and Jennifer only 2 liked since the start
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Yes I like Matthew and Jennifer too, but still want Chico to win. Not too bothered what somebody's hairdresser thinks of him (lol)!

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