Celebrity Pointless

First one I've watched! Should have known better, the clue was in the programme title!!
16:07 Sun 04th Mar 2012
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Any quiz with celebrities isn't worth watching.
DTC I love Pointless - maybe says something about the boring life I lead.
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I think I must have missed the point. Rosalind Blessed looks like her mum tho'
It was called Pointless Celebrities, which is even more apt - couldn't have thought of a better title myself !
I like the program as I like lists and memorising info, went to see a recording of pointless recently, two shows in the afternoon, went on too long for me, the edited show is much better.
It was kind of grim viewing except when Ms Blessed had to dodge a swinging left from her dad near the beginning.
Not sure if Bill Oddie's ready for a small screen return though.
It's the first Celebrity Pointless there's been - the non-celebrity version is enjoyable.
"It's the first Celebrity Pointless there's been"

No, there have been others.
I stand corrected, it's the first one I've been aware of.
It's disappointing compared with the normal Pointless. The normal show depends a lot on the backchat and banter of Osman and Armstrong with the contestants, particularly about occupations and experiences. We don't get that with celebrities.
Sian Williams and Bill Turnbull were excellent on this.............

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