dab tuning

how do i tune an Hitachi AX M131U DAB RADIO
17:59 Mon 03rd Mar 2008
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Sorry, blue, I don't know the answer, but IME with DAB radios, there's normally an 'auto tune' button, which scans for available stations, after which you scroll through the list to select one. Usually you can also allocate a certain number of stations to pre-sets.

Failing that, the Hitachi site doesn't appear to offer downloads of instruction manuals, but there is a technical enquiry form:
http://www.hitachi.com/GlobalSupport/ContactUs ?form_type=global_support

Media & TV / Radio is really for discussion of radio programmes, and is a very 'quiet' part of AB - perhaps you'd have more success in Technology / Electronics

Of course, all of the above is assuming that DAB is actually available in your area - UK coverage is not exactly 100%. Do your neighbours get it?
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Firstly thankyou for trying to answer my question. The instructions with the system are not great, but I might not be reading them properly, so will keep on trying. Yes my neighbours do receive DAB, in fact I have a small DAB portable which gives great reception. I shall persist.
Thanks again.
OK blue. There seems to be very little info available on the web re this product, but I did find the following:

http://catalog.ebay.co.uk/Hitachi-AXM131U-Shel f-System_W0QQ_fclsZ1QQ_pidZ63409132QQ_tabZ3

Some of the comments would suggest that it's not the easiest of units to tune. Apparently it has to be done from the remote, which has a 'scan' button.

When a DAB radio scans, it's much the same as scanning with a Freeview box or digital TV, and similarly, it can take quite a few minutes.

Hope it works eventually [;>)

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