Does anyone know if the oscars is being shown tomorrow night live? Am sure it used to be on,have scrolled through tv listings cant find anything.
18:57 Sat 26th Feb 2011
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It's on Sky Movies Premiere
Question Author
Thanks jb,have just found it,it's also on sky living.
Is it the full ceremony on Living, or just the red carpet? I don't have the movie package but I'd watch it otherwise
Question Author
Dont think so jb, 11.30 till 1.30 on both channels,think the whole thing lasts about 4 hours. We dont have the movie package either but can get sky living, channel 107.
Just the red carpet on Sky Living full oscar ceremony on Sky Movies Premier HD. I used to love watching the oscars but unfortunately I don't have the movie channels on Sky, pay enough for the package I have so will have to watch highlights!

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