Foyle's War

Watched the last ever episode tonight. Did I miss something? Do we know why he went to the US or what the 'unfinished business' was?Also, what caused Hill House to blow up? The war is over so it can't have been a bomb.It felt a bit as though it was written in a bit of a hurry and not really finished properly.Now I feel as though I'm left in mid-air! Anyone have any ideas?
21:30 Sun 25th Apr 2010
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I suggest you research the Foyle's episode 50 Ships as to why Foyle is going to America (I sense a new series).
No idea why the house blew up.
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Thanks for your answer hc4361. I'll have a look and see if I can find that episode. I like to think there might be another series but with all the cut backs I fear ITV might not have the money to make intelligent programmes like Foyle's War and we shall be doomed to watch more Come Build a House in 60 seconds in the Sun type cheap tv!
According to tv mags it was a gas leak that caused the explosion.
Question Author
a gas leak...ahhhh I see. They didn't make it very clear though, did they?
I thought it was an unexploded bomb that decided to, (explode I mean).
I thought it was the council making a point to any other people that didn`t do as they were told and get out to make a new Hastings.
I assumed it was the gas too as they had the leak earlier in the day/week whatever it was, the timeframe is always hard to follow actually.
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Re: time frames, yes I agree. Although we love Foyle and personally I would happily watch Michael Kitchen reading the phone book we never actually have a clue what's going on. But it doesn't really matter because it's such a pleasure to watch.

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