Is TV Chef James Martin Married?

Is the TV chef James Martin married?

Or is he the marrying type?

I had a debate over this with a friend of mine.

As I can't ask James himself can anyone illuminate this for me with their opinion.
21:23 Sun 28th Sep 2008
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Don't think he is (married)......he is a fast car man...and a cook-perfect huh??
He's not married but has a romantic history

James has previously been romantically linked to Alice Beer, Esther McVey, Barbara Broccoli, Claire Goose, Martine McCutcheon, Camilla Dallerup Charlotte Fortes, Anna Short and Fearne Cotton

He's been busy....
I wouldn't say no.......
When I first started reading Ethel's reply, I thought it was a wind up .... he's a chef ..... beer, broccoli, goose ....
Errr .... is anybody thinking Ready, Steady, Cook?
I just find him very attractive.


A nice boy

The pennies have just dropped, mrs,chappie,

I'm laughing my head off now
Ethel, he's a bit young for yer. Mind you, he's a bit young for me, but ...........
His mum lives near us.
i agree mrs chappie lol
I wouldnt say no!
yum yum
Question Author
Thank you Ladies! I didn't realise he had some many romances!
wasnt he in a sex scandel a while back for under age sex or something ?
He is now seeing someone called Sally Kettle "!�$%

No Laughing Now !!!!
No definately not him dustinmyeye dont know who you could be thinking off
I like the guy's style on the cooking front. But I wish he would stop trying to talk 'posh'; pronouncing 'pudding' as in golf 'putting', instead of as in, putting the shot. He also over-emphasises the 'u' in 'butter'. Sounds awful, mixed with broad Yorkshire.. with which there's nowt wrong! be yourself James. Use butter to excess and stop worrying about the fat making you obese. It's the stodge that does that! .

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