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Does anyone know why programme listing schedules are hard to find for Channel 20? Even good old Radio Times doesn't seem to include them. Is there a legal problem, or have the papers not caught up yet?
18:54 Sun 08th Dec 2013
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If you have a copy of Radio Times and can't find these listings....I suggest Specsavers tomorrow.
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Radio times 7-13 Dec, todays progs, page 68 clear as a bell
Monday, same location on page
They're on the UKTV website:

They're also right at the bottom of the page on the RT website:

In the print version of the RT they're at the bottom left on the Freeview listings pages.
If you have a copy of Radio Times and can't find these listings....I suggest Specsavers tomorrow.
And EPG.
Have you found Channel 61 yet? "True Entertainment". All I've found when flicking round is "The Waltons". I'm sure there must be other stuff as well.
Bit of a do if you ask me...6:30 tonite!
^translates as 'tonight' for non-Americans
Both true entertainment and drama show classic taggart. I'm happy.

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