The Syndicate

Really enjoyed the first episode. Nice to see familiar folk - Timothy Spall, Matthew Lewis (Neville from Harry Potter) Joanna Page (Stacey) and Matthew McNulty (The Misfits). Hope the rest of the series is as good.
05:36 Wed 28th Mar 2012
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I thought it was excellent and it just promises to get better. Next week the police are questioning the two brothers about the robbery. I'm so glad Timothy Spall is in it, a great actor imo.
i thought it was brilliant and looking forward to next episode
Yes, very tense. I have a feeling that the large lady is no other than the landlady who runs the pub in Shameless, in a fat suit etc. Am I right?
no it isnt
Drat! I'm cooking dinner now!
Does anyone happen to know if it's repeated, please?
Whisks, it's repeated Monday BBC 1 at 11.35pm or you will get it on iplayer xxx
Thanks, flower x

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