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does anyone watch this show. A new series starts on wednesday apparently. I only wondered because the people that take part seem so unreal, or is that the point..
18:13 Sun 18th Mar 2012
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I must confess ( as it's Sunday ) that I do. I watched the young one as well.It's not the people so much as the tasks I like. The way some of them perform they haven't a brain between them.
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i watched a trailer for the show and thought what a bunch of (fill in the dots) ........
I think it is a load of rubbish. Before retirement, when I was recruiting I doubt if, after reading their CVs, any would be offered an interview. If they had a good job I would suspect them of "itchy feet" and not trust them to stay for 2-3 years. They set up own business? No thanks would not fit into a large company structure's disciplines or give 100% if planning their next private venture. Hobbies like parachuting, hang-gliding, ski-ing - no thanks. Why should my company pay them to recover from broken bones. Such hobbiests applications were scrapped - beware readers regarding your interests when applying for any job.
But the show is meant to be entertainment by watching a bunch of egotists and back-stabbers in battle. Finally why is the chaiman, Alan Sugar, always late - bad example for apprentices who must chair meetings. Language not of real world: "you're fired". Show is well past it's sell-by date.
I love it, I love seeing them getting deflated...!

Sir Alan's (oops, Lord Sugar) isn't late, he's making a staged entrance, as he's entitled to do. It's his show.
If the rest of the candidates are anything like the "Blonde Assassin" and the other few that have publicised the show so far, I should think that the gloves will be well and truly off this series - I hope that they have what I consider the best part of the show as well - the Dara O'Brien programme (You're Fired?) afterwards.
I'm with islasmum - the Dara o'Briain show afterwards is far more entertaining than the show itself
I love it too. Roll on Wednesday. Will Nick still be on it now that he does Countdown? Love the later show on BB2 too.
The pouting Rachel from Countdown will be sitting on Lord S's lap, counting his money......
Theres not many winners of the past years series still work for Sugar, most have left, I wonder why?

I think hes a miserable old fart and wouldn't work with him for a million quid a year, I like to live a happy life!
im really looking forward to it! i love the tasks
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they all seem so self absorbed, it's a wonder any get jobs, either with Alan Sugar or out in the wide world. I know it's supposed to be entertaining, but i honestly think it's a put up job.
It's made for entertainment so that is the spirit I watch it in. If they were serious about finding this wonderful new "apprentice" then this would not be the way to do it - that is what corporate headhunters are for - and the candidates on that show would not get a look in.

I enjoy watching it for the tasks. I love watching the reactions of Nick and Karen, and Margaret before she left.
Agree that it is meant to be entertainment rather than a serious attempt to find an apprentice. Is SAS going to be employing the winner this year or going into partnership as per last year?
I am going a little off topic but I thought that the episode that showed Karen just mutely shaking her head in sympathetic exasperation with the shop owner, after seeing the antics of the candidate that attempted to buy a top hat in the top hat dry cleaners was classic!
And my all time favourite apprentice/entertainer is Stuart Baggs!
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sue, that's appropriate sir alan sugar, sas, wonder if anyone uses that, perhaps not to his face. i don't like him at the best of times, and whenever he comes on the tv, it goes off or over.
I thought SAS was a good nickname, not my original idea though, saw it used in a newspaper review! I am not particularly keen on Sir Alan myself although I realise that he is also edited the same as the apprentices, so may actually be a bit nicer than he comes across on tv.
His series is not getting some particularly good press recently though is it? The year before last's winner (the blonde lady, can't remember her name) is trying to take him to an employment tribunal I believe, for constructive dismissal!
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sue, i think he is a bit of an ar*e i can't stand all that i dragged myself up from the gutter routine he spouts, plenty of others have done the same but they don't keep on about it.
Agree it is getting a bit repetitive now, he also seems to like apprentices with the same type of background as him and can favour them over the public schoolboy/girl type. Birds of a feather I suppose!
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there was one bloke many series ago, i could have cheerfully given him the order of the boot, a very big one, up the backside, the most irritating bloke on tv, trying to remember his name... asian bloke i think?
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Tre, that was it, wonder what he is doing now, time i hope.
Yes I remember the one, but cannot think of his name either! He was quite amusing in the end though I seem to remember that I was a bit disappointed when he was fired from the show as he did provide some entertainment.
I am going offline now, bye for now!

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