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Woman In Black Movie

I've only just got to see it and, on the whole, I thought it was OK. The ending disappointed a little, but my main issue is Daniel Ratcliffe. I just don't think he is a good actor. Anyone else have an opinion?
10:57 Sat 10th Mar 2012
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I was too scared to notice if i'm being honest! I can't believe it was only a 12!
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There were a few jumps in it and like you, I thought it should have been a higher classification.
I think DR Is a good actor, I remember seeing him in a TV play where he played the role of Rudyard Kipling's son sent to war in WW1. I thought he was very good in that role. In my humble opinion, the Woman in Black movie isn't a patch on the TV version shown some years ago which was far classier and far more scary. I keep hoping they'll put it on TV again.
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I've heard th TV version was good. May get a re-release because of the movie?
That's what I'm hoping for T&S, but they're taking their time! I think you'll like it, especially the ending.
we have just been to see this film this afternoon. Enjoyed it but it is VERY different from the book and the book makes the actions of the 'Woman' more easy to understand. Agree about the certificate-should have been a 15 but expect that the 12a was a sop to the 'Harry Potter' generation which is probably why the cinema today was full of pre pubescent girls and their equally uninterested boyfriends chattering away throughout and spoiling it somewhat. As to Daniel Radcliffe-he's not the best actor around but he's far from being the worst and did pretty well here I thought.
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Does anyone know if the TV version is available anywhere?
The BBFC rating http://www.bbfc.co.uk/CFF277407/

"Distributor chose to reduce moments of strong violence / horror in order to achieve a '12A' classification. Cuts made in line with BBFC Guidelines and policy. A '15' classification without cuts was available."

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