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The girl. She's brilliant. Sorry to see Jay go tonight.
The girl for sure - she alwys delivers xxx
yep i agree - shallina will win unless she makes a monumental eff up next week. The curly haired bloke is too flaky, too slow and too weird, and the other bloke just doesn't seem to cook all that well
Shalina, but I'd like Andrew to.
shalina i think, she has been consistently good.

i wasn;t surprised jay went , i thought he was going to go last week
No competition -shallina
If there's any justice in the world - Shelina.
lol, how do you spell her name...
Shelina Permalloo

horshoes gets the prize :-)
I believe it's on for 3 nights next week.
Question Author
I think Shelina will win - but I like Andrew - and I liked Jay. Actually, I don't like cooking, and I'm a rubbish cook, so I can't criticise any of them. They're all brilliant.
Shelina should win she has been consistent all along and served up some great dishes and she has been the most organised, just proves that women are more organised and tidy in the kitchen.
Shelina will probably win but I wouldn't mind if Tom did. Can't stand Andrew tho. He gives me the creeps.
>> just proves that women are more organised and tidy in the kitchen<<
you have not met my wife then hopeless in the kitchen good job i trained as a chef when i left school many moon's ago!
Shelina...she is so calm and organised .There`s Tom and Andrew all sweating and panicking,especially the latter...imagine your food with sweat in it!!!!
Shelina has delivered practically everytime,maybe at the beginning a couple of hiccups...but that is only to be expected....I HATE cooking!!! I have to admire them.

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