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An interesting talent - initially quite appealing, but rather a 'one trick pony' and spreading herself a bit thinly now?
nor for me
Cant bear to watch her. Her voice just grates.
She is like Sunny Dave says 'a one trick pony'

yeah we know Sarah don't want an extension. :0/
Is she the Geordie girl? If so, yes. Probably the only one I like :)
Somewhat cuddly Geordie lass acting like...............a somewhat cuddly Geordie lass. I can take her or leave her.
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I can not say that I have heard of her. Have any of you got clips to play of her, possibely on YouTube?
She had one good gag :

"I have a pair of 'pulling pants' -

on the front it says

I'll Do Anything for Love

on the back it says

But I Won't Do That"

She is the one I thought. JB - have a google, there are loads of her clips on YT
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Think she thinks she is good, cos she comes across a average woman,as others have said irritating
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Don't say that. The poor girl cannot help her birthplace ;)
I think she is awful awful awful.

I have to change the tv channel when she comes on.

Terrible woman.
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Apparentely she has been offered her own show, mrs merton stylie
that's a bit harsh, VHG

I think women like her more than men do.
Question Author
i dont...
doesn't bother me - I rather like Lucy Porter though - she's cute and rather funny.
Humour is very personal- and the above comments prove it.

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