homeland ?

homeland, 9.30pm c4, tonight ( sunday) gets some good reviews, , with the lovely damian lewis.
10:01 Sun 19th Feb 2012
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I saw the review, looks good - there are flashbacks to torture though - not sure I'd like that.
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boxy, just do what i do. " look through your fingers " :)
Not sure what to do now! We record Hawaii 5O (9pm) and The Hotel (8pm). Watch Call the Midwife and whatever else is on at 9pm. Now there is Upstairs, Downstairs and Homeland all on at 9pm. Because Virgin records over the hour in case of missing bits at the beginning and end of the programme, I can't record two things that have a crossover time.
Dilemmas! Dilemmas!
Record Homeland on 4+1.
Its also repeated tomorrow night at 11.05pm, i had the same dilema with too many things being recorded! From what ive read Homeland has been called the new "24" and i think won awards as well, looking forward to it!
can you not change the virgin 'over the hour' settings?
yes ,will watch Homeland...apparently Barack Obama loves it..
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Thanks for the info, I will record it on 4 +1.
Apparently the Producers brought in Damian Lewis,in the Starring role,because American actors refuse to play Terrorists!!..wussies!
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i enjoyed the first part last night. worth watching next week.
So Zhukov does that mean he is in fact going to turn out to be a rogue?
I enjoyed this programme too!!!
Must admit I was intrigued enough to tune in next week.
I've just watched it having recorded it last week. Enjoyed it very much but how are they going to stretch it out for 12 weeks?

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