Factoids on Radio 2

Is it meant to be ironic?

Half the 'facts' they come up with aren't even remotely true. Do they do that on purpose?
15:28 Thu 09th Feb 2012
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I heard a funny on radio 2 about an hour ago. Dont know if it was a factoid or even if factoids are supposed to be true, but I thought they were.
The website conjunctivitis.com is a site for sore eyes.
Grasscarp I heard that, but it didn't registered with me till I read your reply!!
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That man talking about his experiences in Japanese prisoner of war camp was pretty harrowing stuff Tenrec if you were listening to that. I was in a traffic jam at the time.
How do you know Evian that they're not true?
I always thought they were they have researchers to dig them up. Why not phone the BBC and ask them?

Grasscarp, I heard a bit of it. Horrible times eh?
i remember once there was a factoid about there only being 2 countries in the world that begin with "w".
I wasn't sure that was true
Question Author
I know some are wrong because I've heard them and known them not to be true.

Like last week they said only humans sleep on their back. I have photographic evidence to the contrary.

But I don't care enough to actually call anyone.
The factoid about only humans sleep on their backs even I know thats not true because my ex husband used to sleep on his back...

LOL at Jem!
"The website conjunctivitis.com is a site for sore eyes."....

..won joke of the year for Tim Vine.
Smashy and Nicey are alive and well at 2pm-5pm weekdays on Radio 2.

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