So who murders Frank then?
02:26 Sat 04th Feb 2012
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Well Sally cops him with another ladyfriend next week.................
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There is a long list of possible suspects, obviously Peter, Carla, Leanne, Sally, Kevin (If the rape of Sally is true)who knows even Maria and not really Kirk!
How do you know he gets murdered?
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It's on a spoiler thread from ITV.
Peter is leaving the street, it could be him?
Kevin looks like a favourite at the moment....
His poor miserable Mum, first she loses her hubby and now her Rapist Son. She will surely blame Carla.
I'm sure I read somewhere (or someone has told me) that Alison King (Carla) was thinking of coming out of Corrie & going to work in theatre....
Talking of Corrie, I found the scenes played by the young lad who plays Simon heart wrenching. He was so realistic with his degree of distress when Leanne left and after when displaying his sadness and anger towards his Father Peter.
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Maybe Sally stabs him with knife/scissors when he tries to rape her............
Hope its Sally - and she is put away, I can't stand her character.......
Me neither Ann, horrible woman! I really wanted her to find out about Kev and Molly! (I am of course referring to Sally not the real actress!)
Is Peter really leaving then?
I haven't seen that anywhere
Oh Jeez another who SHOT JR - SHOT PHIL MITCHELL - BEAT UP CAIN DINGLE mystery for the papers to use endless column inches and endless posts here!!!
I'm hoping it's Tracy and she leaves too! Can't stand the character and hope it won't be too long before she leaves. Agree with earlier poster about little Simon's character, what a wonderful actor he is when he did the scene when Leanne left, brought tears to my eyes that did, brilliant little soul.
puternut, if you're not interested - just jog on and ignore it
Does anyone like Tracy Barlow? I don't know anyone who does!
I can't stand the Peter character so will be pleased to see him go and take Simon with him can't stand the kid either.

I reckon its Jason that kills Frank, egged on by Rosie.


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