Eternal Law

Just caught this new series and I really like it. Something different considering what little there is on the TV now, just seems like soaps and reality/celebs shows.
Tobias Menzes is wonderfully evil as the fallen angel.
10:01 Wed 11th Jan 2012
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I saw the first one and despite being a little unsure about it at the start I got drawn in. It's made by the same people as Life on mars/Ashes to ashes so it should be good and a bit weird.
I enjoyed it too, as you say it's different - I suppose we can usually assume it will be a happy ending, but the twist was there - I never guessed it was his little girl doing the shooting...
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No that surprised me too, Meg!

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Peter Ellis from Z Cars, in `Eternal Law` this evening? Bye the eck, he hasn`t appeared on `t' tv for years.
Are episodes repeated at any time, perhaps on another channel? I've looked but I can't find anything to tell me. Thanks....
Just starting on ITV in case anyone has forgotten about it.

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