Royale Family Christmas

If anyone watched this, what did you think - I didnt enjoy it much at all, poor show and such a shame as it used to be great fun...I was sadly disappointed.
18:41 Thu 22nd Dec 2011
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If you mean the one on BBC1 last night - that was last years offering - not one of the best but still enloyable
Yes was much better last year ;)
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Oh I didnt realise, thanks Pauln, a repeat....I was looking forward to watching it too, but not one of their best.
I started watching it but found it too crude.
I started watching it but found it too crude.
strike the duplicate
I laughed :)
Last years show wasn't as good as usual. I've never found the Royle family to be very crude bundleone. Only when Jim gets up and goes to the loo. I haven't seen a Christmas one advertised for this year. I'll be watching AbFab instead.
there was going to be a new one for this christmas but they didnt get time to finish it because Ralf Little & Craig Cash were busy making "The Cafe"
I thought it was rather good. It doesn't have to be at its best to knock spots off most of the competition.
There aren't many older comedies that are funny any more. Except Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers. The all seem rather corny.

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What happened to all the Xmas specials. Even the Royale family was dire.

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