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Is it me or has there not been many bush tucker 'eating' trials on this edition of celeb get me out of here ? I have only seen one with Freddie Starr and that Mark guy ?
21:25 Tue 29th Nov 2011
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I think there was a lot of complaints about it.
I'm a cleb is site, There is no-one in there I want to win.
I used to like Shen, but he just turned out to be the dick that he is!,,,,,,,,,Dont just take my word for it, Shan Is a BITCH in real life!
Who is Shen or Shan?
Did you notice how easy the last trial was for Willie and Chrissy - obviously a fix as they are older - think I could have even coped with that one myself!!
Dolt are you alright ??
I didn't know who Jessie was until she was voted out, (the real hustle lady) I'm surprised she was evicted, she was OK!, well I thought she was OK.
Who is Shen or Shan Purple?
Antony Cotton, aka Sean Tully in Corrie
Mamy I'm fine thanks.......Sean!!!!!!!!!!! I meant Anthony Cotton, he's a right diva in real life.
the best 'celeb'was when princess diana's butler was on,it was great.
They're all pretty bland, I cant see a winner. .... Fatman may come out the winner.
Who is Fatman?? Oh, I assume you mean Fatima. Rude.

I can't quite believe the hissy fit Willy and Chrissy had after their punishment for guessing the wrong traitors. If they'd got it right and got their treats they wouldn't have been saying what they were. It was only another task, same as the others. I don't really like Anthony but I did feel for him when he was genuinely upset that Willy was so angry with him. You could tell when Ant and Dec went in to do the eviction (which would have been the morning after) that tensions were high.
cotton really upset because " another man shouted at him" what prissy wet f*rt that cotton is and have you seen this.
I agree Evian. I can't believe Willie and Chrissy are behaving like this and yesterday morning they had faces like thunder.

I want Fatima to win, she's cool, calm and collected and was even offering Antony support when he was crying about the Willie/Chrissy thing, even though they've had their run-ins.
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Yes Tigger, Im leaning towards Fatima, I mean what a woman, to complete that head to head with a cockroach up your nostril !! I couldnt do that ! :) She is amazing.
She is amazing Purple. She didn't even make a scene with the cockroach episode and carried on afterwards as if nothing happened. And won!
I feel sorry for Sean and Dougie cos they were only doing the Traitor thing to get goodies for the rest of them, it was a trial like everything else. Willie and Chrissy were totally out of order, I think the prince and princess titles have gone to their heads!

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