Is there a film with no music??

Hey peeps, now here's a question to get you all thinking!!!!
Every film on television, or movie that you see in the cinema nowadays always has background music.
Sometimes it can be down right irritating ,especially when the actors are talking,and sometimes it can be an advantage during spooky films, because for the faint hearted, the music can change when something nasty or scary is about to happen........mwahahahahaaaa!!
Ahem, anyway, personally I cannot stand noisy background music.Even in television dramas!!!
It really is not necessary in most scenes.

So, the question is..... is there a film somewhere out there which has NO background music at all???
Okay, I will only allow the film theme music. I think every film has some sort of musical theme intro.
19:55 Sun 11th Jul 2010
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Didn`t that film about the United flight on 9/11 have no music? Wasn`t it called United 93?
Dog Day Afternoon
Question Author
Hmmm, I have to admit that I have never seen Dog Day Afternoon.
I will have to watch out for that one.
A bit unsure about United 93 either.Haven't heard that one 237SJ!!
But I will look out for it.Thank you! :)
United 93 yes. Like a docu really.
12 Angry Men?
Imdb credits John Powell with writing the original music for 'United 93', with a further 16 people listed within the Music Department. Surely they must have done something? Or did it really take 17 people (plus an orchestra) just to provide the theme music?

However there are no music credits for 'Dog Day Afternoon':

Forbidden Planet did not have music as such. Just a lot of sci-fi type sounds. It's a great film and those noises added to the atmosphere.
Forbidden Planet's electronic music score was composed by Louis and Bebe Barron.

Listen to clips of the United 93 score here...
Question Author
Thank you for the latest comments people.
Cheers guys!!

The comments made by ABerrant were good.Thank you for that.
You all made some very good answers I must admit.
As i have said previously, I have yet to see Dog Day Afternoon.Must watch out for that,as well as Forbidden Planet, 12 Angry Men,and United 93.
Friday the 13th.
there's quite a few silent movies from before 1930-ish
I'm pretty sure all Woody Allen films have no soundtrack, including some, but not all, with no music over the beginning or end credits - as in 'Annie Hall'.
According to the manifesto, any Dogme 95 film should not include incidental music.
I can't agree with the statement that all of Woody Allen's films have no soundtrack.

'Bananas', 'Love and Death' and 'Stardust Memories' (among many others) certainly do, not to mention the music for 'Sleeper' being written by Allen himself (he is a musician in addition to being a screenwriter, film director, actor, comedian, writer and playwright).
Mel Brookes' 'Silent movie'?
I think when i was studying Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds" it was mentioned that there wasn't any music in that film. The only music i remember from it was when the kids were singing in school (that did start to grate slightly after a while tho!) lol
Blair witch project?
No country for old men.

Lots of people have complained how it is wierd with no music but I think it adds to the suspense e.g. when Llewelyn is waiting in his hotel room knowing Chigurgh is coming.
"Forbidden Planet's electronic music score was composed by Louis and Bebe Barron. "

Thanks Aberrant. I'll check it out. I specially like the classic song "Booop beep boo beep boooo beep pop" :-)

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