What film is this please?

Hi All

Hubby and I are trying to remember the name of a film with the most basic of information.

Does anyone know what it is from this?

Bloke is trying to get revenge and works his way up through gang.
He isolates the boss by making him believe everyone is cheating on him.
In one scene he drive the bosses girlfriend/wifes car to outside a hotel and parks it by a hydrant to that she will get a ticket.
This makes it seem like she is having an affair with his right hand man, who he kills.

Sorry for basic info, I can't even remember who was in it!!

Thanks for any help
18:40 Mon 05th Nov 2012
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Hi Dotty

Thanks for answer but that's not it.
Was it 'The Punisher' ?
Question Author
Hi Mattk

Thank you, that is the one!!

That has been bugging us all day - so thank you.
I was typing my answer as 'don't know but it rings a loud bell' and then the penny dropped!

That would've bugged me all night!

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