Avatar (the film)

Never having seen it, I was really looking forward to watching it tonight. What a bore!! Did anyone else not like it - or is it just me?
21:10 Sun 25th Mar 2012
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I just didn't fancy it at all... I hate things with too much hype so instinctively go against them!
I thought it was ok but not worthy of being the biggest film of all time.
Its just a mish-mash of other movie ideas moved to an alien world.
Dances with Wolves nr the beginning for example.
I will never get those hours of my life back. That's how I felt about it. I think it's one of those films a lot of people say is amazing just because everyone else does.
Well, the 3D was a big part of it.

It's not so good in flat screen.

But it's a lovely story.
It had to be seen in a cinema in 3D to get the full effect really, naomi.

It's one of only two films I've seen that really lived up to the hype surrounding 3D. Yes, the story was run of the mill stuff but it was quite something when viewed as intended, IMHO.

All other 3D films since have not lived up to the billing and I no longer watch them in that format.
No. Not just you. Over hyped rubbish that, like the Emperor's new clothes, needed someone to stand up, walk out of the cinema and shout CRAP!
Just you, its not the same though as watching it at the cinema when it was first released. I loved it, but it doesnt help with all the ads throughout breaking it up though. I loved the colours in it and the 'bioluminecense' (sp.).
I loved it too Popple - great story and nice ending. Very enjoyable.
I did watch it the other evening on tv, parts were excellent, but the message was so overplayed, it seemed too much like any number of other films, including, transformers, last of the mohicans, and a few others thrown in.
I didn't see it at the cinema because i didn't fancy it. Wouldn't see it again.
I had sympathy with the Na,vi, but the bad guys were so overplayed, rather comic book, like the colonel at the end, if they had reined that back a bit perhaps it could have worked better.
pretty standard story of insurrection, bolstered by some good effects. I watched it a while ago and also was dissapointed. Reasonable film in it's own right but I suppose my expectation were heightened bu people telling me how great it was before I saw it. Basically it's a 3d visual experience rather than a good film in the traditional sense.
soppy twaddle!
Rubbish. I hated it.
Lol chuck...
The film was a technical triumph.
However, the plot, characterisation and dialogue were woeful.
My son dragged me to see it in 3D. I thought it was total rubbish, did not live up to all the hype (same as the 3D effect) and I wouldn't want to see it again EVER!
It was the best option on a recent long-haul flight - only just good enough to take my mind of my blocked sinuses and rampaging boredom. Pocahontas meets Discworld with the fighter-plane chase from Star Wars.
I thought it was skilfully made - couldn't fault that - but a sad waste in terms of plot, content, and characterisation.
chuck, that's brilliant :-)
Question Author
Chuck, very good. :o)

So pleased I'm not entirely alone. I wouldn't want to repeat the experience!

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