maximum length of a restraining order

After nearly 7 years of harrassment from neighbours, the matter is due to be heard in the local magistrate court in a few weeks time. However we are advised by the police that the defendants are looking to avoid a court appearance and they will probably receive a restraining order preventing them from (i) communicationg with us or (ii) coming within close proximity of our property.

We are concerned that this order can only be made for a period of one or two years as we are certain the harrassment will begin again as soon the order expires.

Is there any reason why the order can't be imposed for as long as we live in our property?


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17:05 Mon 07th Feb 2011
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A restraining order can be made "until further notice". This means that the person restrained will have to return to the court to have the order lifted. When doing so he will have to show why the order should be lifted (i.e. why he should be allowed to approach you or be allowed to communicate with you or do whatever he had been prevented from doing). In practice few people apply to have such orders lifted.

You should keep in touch with the CPS and insist that if such an agreement is made (and it should not be made without your agreement) that any order is imposed "until further notice".

Only 1 answer

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