Next of Kin.

Please could you tell me the role of Next of Kin . I am no Relation but have been next of
kin to a lady of 97 years for over thirty years.
21:43 Sun 08th Aug 2010
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You can be named as next of kin on all her medical notes. That means you'll be the first person they contact if anything should happen to her.

It means nothing in the eyes of the law though. If she were to die without leaving a will her money would go to blood related next of kins.
Are you in the UK.
Do you mean Next of Kin or Executor?
Can you clarify the context in which you became 'next of kin'.
Question Author
I clarify I am Next of Kin and reside in England and the reason for it`s need was there
were no living relatives I was trusted and therefore willing to carry out this.
Next of kin do not inherit if they are not blood related. She would have to make a will if she wanted you to inherit anything.

I was my Uncles next of kin for years before he died. He presumed that if he died that everything would go to me. It didn't...he had living siblings and it was shared equally between them.

Anyone can be your next of kin...
Question Author
MORIARTY- So sorry to learn of your difficulty however I am named in the will.
It wasn't a problem. I didn't expect his money anyway.

The will is what they will go on so being next of kin won't make a difference to that. If something were to happen to her you would be the first point of contact.
Well I think ummm has answered this.
Next of kin is a term used on medical records. Also some bodies (eg care homes, employers) may record the name of a next of kin which I assume would be who they would contact in an emergency.
If you are an executor you will have some legal responsibilities. Apart from that I am not aware that you have any legal responsibilities.
If you have Power of Attorney then that gives responsibilities, but just because you are next of kin doesn't automatically give you that power.

So I'm still not sure what you mean by 'next of kin' in this case
I can see why the confusion has arisen. "Next of kin" has no distinct legal meaning. You can be named "next of kin" for medical purposes etc but there is no legal attachment to that, unless you are named as her attorney under an EPA or an LPA (which can be a financial LPA or a personal LPA - to do with personal needs). An executor's role only kicks in when the deceased dies and not before.

So if you can clarify what you mean by next of kin we can give you definitive advice - otherwise ummm and factor cover it.
Wikipedia entry, see under 'United Kingdom'.
Generally anybody can be your 'next of kin' but note exceptions regarding the Mental Health act.

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