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accident private car park

June/July 2009 l was in Mac Donald’s car park when l reversed l clipped this car behind me
He wanted to not involve insurance as company car so we exchanged details and was left that he call to tell me the cost. I heard nothing until September 2009 when l received a call from his insurance company asking me for my insurance details which l gave them.
June 2010 l have changed insurance companies and told the new insurance company that l have had no claims/accidents now in July 2010 l received letters from old insurance company asking about this accident. Why have they not claimed before and if the damage was in need of repair surely this would of be claimed ASAP and not 11 months on how do l know he has not had a further accident and is this legal to leave so long also private car park
21:32 Thu 15th Jul 2010
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There are some answers on this post you made about this topic the other day
Why isn't your insurance company dealing with it then when they have your details?
Your insurers should have written to you asking for you to submit a claim form regardless of fault to determine the facts and blame.

Without one they cannot determine fault and therefore a claim cannot be made on you unless it went to court, you surely would have been told about that!
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