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car insurance/PRIVATE car park

In 2009 June/.July l was in a private car park and reversed into a car very little damage to either
of our cars, however he wanted to not involve insurance as he had company car so exchanged details
In addition, he was going to telephone me to say how much. I heard nothing until September 2009 when l received a call from his insurance company asking for my insurance details so l gave them the information. June 2010 my insurance ended and have changed companies now l find my old insurance company chasing me for details of this accident which happen 10/12 months ago. What should l do please?
01:42 Mon 12th Jul 2010
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Give your old company the details. Looks as
though his company advised him to go through the correct
channels or he had a change of mind himself if it's his old
company. The fact that you've changed companies is irrelevant.
Sorry, that should read 'own' company.
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