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pet insurance

having been with petpal direct for one year with nil excess and paying 22.00 per month they now are asking £80 excess + 15% of vet fees asked why they said first year for puppy is nil excess. this is now been canceled as not happy with the excess is there a pet insurance that does cover a dog of 15 months with nil excess or a min excess many thanks
12:49 Wed 19th May 2010
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Doesn't that depend on such things as the breed of dog? You might find some helpful or more experienced people in the 'insurance' section. Failing that, I'd just shop around...
I assume your question is: " is there a pet insurance that does cover a dog of 15 months with nil excess or a min excess many thanks " - It was very hard to make it out in that whole paragraph with no time for a breath


But looking at this http://www.insureyourpet.co.uk/lifelong.asp Can't see ANY with nil excess
I have never seen a policy with a no excess. Some policies seem good in the early years and have a lower excess but the excess can be changed over the years as your pet gets older.

I have Tesco insurance for my cats and it has worked well - even now that one of the cats is ill with a chronic condition. I pay £11 per month for two cats.

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