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car insurance/cancel

my car insurance was due for renewal having been on internet hastins was the cheapest.
but l called them today to say that l wanted my no claims protected and they have said they will been charging admin fee. so l told them what to do with there policy.
this was taken out on net gave my friend mastercard for first payment am l allowed by law to cancel as l have 28 days to few policy under the law?? and can they charge a cancellation fee for this as l only got the policy sent to me last friday and lm not happy with these terms
13:45 Wed 19th May 2010
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if the original quote didnt cover for protected NCB then of course they will want to charge extra now youve changed the policy.

I think you can only cancel it if they sold you the wrong policy, not if you wanted to alter it. Otherwise people would try it on every month with various companies and still, on paper, be insured each time.
Do you read any of your insurance policies at all before you sign them? You seem to be having trouble with more than one and telling them what they can do with it will also cost you an admin fee, it will be in their T&C's
No sure where you got the 28 days cancellation thing from either - it's 7 I believe, or 14 at the most - again read your T&C's on the forms you signed, it will be under Cancellation of your Policy
Every insurance policy comes with a 14 days 'cooling off' period. What date did you take out the policy?

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