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towing a car

Does a car need tax, insurance & MOT to be towed on public roads
17:30 Wed 15th Oct 2008
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I am assuming you mean with a rope or chain.

Yes, and the driver in the towing car has to have a driving licence and insurance too.
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I intend to tow it on a solid bar does that make a difference?
If the towed car has a wheel on the road it needs to be road legal.
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If it is on a bar then it does not need to be taxed or have an MOT, as it is a trailer of the towing car. It must have lights at the rear or better still run a light bar from the front car. The driver of the towing car must have a trailer licence or an older car licence and the vehilce must be insured to tow a trailer. Chech this but I thing that the person in the towed car does not even need a drivers licence?, anybody like to comment.
I disagree witht he above post. The car does need taxing, MOT and Insurance unless fully on a vehicle towing. One wheel on ground needs to be roadworthy i.e. all of above. Check with the police, as I did.
If it is on a bar it stops being a car and becomes a trailer, to be correct you should put a light bar and registation number off the towing car. I had a friend who towed , a an A bar, an auto test mini, no front lights or doors, MOT or tax. the rear lights were plugged into the towing socket on the towing vehicle and it had the same rear number plate, he never had a problem. I am working from memory but I am sure that if you have a car being towed by a bar and nears somebody in it to stear it and use the brakes, they do not need a driving licence (this may have been stopped, it comes from very old vehicle law).
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