death grants in uk

Who is entitled to a grant, example elderly couple huband dies both worked all there lives in uk and have little savings on stste pension can widow claim the death grant many thanks GypsyX
23:18 Wed 23rd May 2007
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According to the CAB, there is no general death grant:

Some people do not leave enough money to pay for even a simple funeral. If this happens, the person arranging the funeral will have to pay for it, although other relatives or friends may be willing to contribute. There is no general death grant, but if you are in this situation and you receive a means-tested social security benefit (such as income support) you may be able to get a payment from the social fund (known as a funeral payment) to cover the cost of a simple funeral. Even where a funeral payment is made, it may not cover the full cost of the funeral and you may still have to pay the difference.

See here for more info.

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