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My son had a review with his manager and a couple of problems were identified and he was told he would be put on a personal improvement plan- no problems there it was warranted- time-keeping. However the email containing the personal improvement plan was emailed to another member of staff in error and this member of staff proceeded to show everyone in that department the contents. Who's in the wrong, the manager or the other member of staff or both of them, what would you do about it?
23:22 Sun 30th Dec 2012
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Both of them. Sack them.
Both are in the wrong, the manager for carelessness and the other worker for not being discrete. It cannot be undone. Apology from the manager and a ticking off for the colleague. Be grateful it was only time keeping that was mentioned!
Your son !!. Why are you looking for someone else to blame. Are you looking for compensation ? Is your evidense of 'However the email containing the personal improvement plan was emailed to another member of staff in error and this member of staff proceeded to show everyone in that department the contents' varified ?
I don't know, but I do see this kind of thing on AB too often. Deal with it!!
both are in the wrong, your son should report this to the managers boss. The manager needs to improve his computer skills.
Maybe it will be a wake up call for his fellow colleagues that also cannot get out of bed on time!
As I have already stated, Is this fact ? and do you have proof ?

Quote - However the email containing the personal improvement plan was emailed to another member of staff in error and this member of staff proceeded to show everyone in that department the contents'
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Take it your middle name is 'Troll'- shooty! If you don't have anything constructive to type sit on your hands and stop trying to offend people. This website is for people who would like answers or opinions thats why they come on here.
Thanks lynbrown I think he maybe needs to tackle both of them about it too and I think sacking might be a bit much Canary :)
You've posted in 'Law' so I'll start with a 'legal' response with regard to the manager. The Data Protection Act makes him (and his employer) responsible for ensuring that confidential information isn't leaked so, technically, he's 'wrong'.

However a more realistic response is that everyone makes errors. The world's best surgeon's, for example, will all make some mistakes during their careers, resulting in the deaths of some patients. The manager made a single (and hopefully isolated) error and it would seem harsh to blame him too much.

The member of staff who disseminated the information though was clearly 'in the wrong' as he/she took a deliberate action to pass on what he'd read.

However, in the real world, other staff will have noticed your son's punctuality problems anyway, and could almost certainly have guessed at what the outcome of the review would be, so your son's work colleagues haven't really learnt anything new.
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Thanks methyl, bazza and always confused, I just wanted someone elses opinion don't want him going in all guns blazing and making things worse.
id say the colleague was most at fault. they should not have shown anyone the message and should have realised that was not acceptable behaviour.

the manager made a careless mistake, and thats wrong but it was not done with the intent to cause any trouble.
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Thanks Buenchico you're probably right, his punctuality is probably a standing joke but like you said the member of staff should have known better and thought about how he would have felt if his PIP had been made common knowledge without his consent
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Could not agree more methyl !!
I have had an answer removed, refering to myself 'denying that I am a troll'. Yet the accusation that I am stands. What The Funicular.
MOD , have a word with yourself.
Ed, have a word with your MOD.
Both are at fault - but in raising a grievance via internal procedures your son needs to know what it is he is expecting as an outcome - I have seen too many grievance cases where the applicant states whats happened and how upset they are but nothing about what they feel should be done. And ultimately not much can be done. The manager who emailed it to the worng person can only really be asked to be more careful and to apologise .... the other colleague could perhaps be reprimanded for indiscretion - but I can't see that either have broken any rules as far as usual discplinary policies are concerned though. The manager will say (and it's probably correct) that it was an error - and the colleague will say everyone elready knew about the lateness issue anyway as it's likley to have been noticed by others already.
do the emails go out with the usual corporate conclusion saying "This is a confidential communication, if you are not the intended recipient please delete it"? If so the one who received it should have his knuckles corporately rapped.
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'Speaking words of wisdom' I shall !! ; )

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