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An aquaintence of mine has apparently been told by an official (not sure who) that she has to get a passport as proof of her British citizenship. Apparently her birth certificate isn't proof enough, she needs this as she is a key witness in a court case, for someone who I think is not a British Citizen. Does anyone know if this is true.
18:34 Wed 28th Mar 2012
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yes, a birth cert does not prove who you are or where you were born
My birth certificate gives my name and where I was born.
that it may do, but it is not considered proof
I'm stunned! A birth certificate is not proof? Passports cost a fortune. Do we all need to shell out money to prove who we are?
Would they not accept a photo driving licence, assuming you already have one?
A birth certificate along with a NI should be enough, thats what I use for eligibility forms at work.
That sounds better 4getmenot! I'm sure that should be proof enough.
Birth certificates have neither your photo nor your signature on them therefore they can not be verified as belonging to you. They may be stolen or forged.
It is unusual for a witness to be asked to prove who he is though. Normally the details given under oath or declaration are sufficient.
I needed my birth certificate to get a passport. It was proof enough in those days. Then I found out that I was given a National insurance number at birth although it was not issued to me until I was 16 years old. I suppose it could be called a National Identity number as it seems to follow me where ever I go
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the solicoter said that,because she is one of the key witnesses for the case, the home office are gonna wanna see passports and things,and birth certificates aint good enough!
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I think the person on trial may be an illegal, but I'm not sure why his girlfriend needs to prove her identity, maybe its because they have 2 babies and he wants to stay here and not be deported after the trial...only my opinion, prob nothing to do with my original question
it seems like she is more than a witness here?
Is this an immigration case where your friend has to vouch for someone?
If that is the case I can see the need to prove citizenship but there must be other ways as even blinkered solicitors must appreciate that not everybody has a passport.
If they insist on a passport then they will have to pay for one for you.
A birth certificate is no proof of anything other than the date and place of birth and the names of the parents. Anyone who is born in the UK even illegals will get one .A NI no is given to anyone who has the right to work in the UK again not proof of british citizenship.
i don't have a driving license or a passport and have had no end of trouble trying to prove my identity at times. for example, i can only have a basic bank account as i do not meet the requirements of most banks for a current account. you can apply for an nhs card via the local health authority or use a crb check if current. can't think of any other things that would be considered evidence - ohh...hang on - what about a marriage certificate or national insurance card? hth x
Driving licence is not proof of anything other than that you have passed a driving test. A citizen of another country could book a test , fly in , take the test and get a licence then fly out agan.All they need is a photo and an address to send the licence to. I lived in Zanbia and passed the Zambian driving test but I am not a Zambian citizen.
that's great for work 4getmenot, but legally it has no feet
After all, your employer only wishes to pay your tax and NI contributions. They would be in deep do do if they were found to be fake ones though because they hadn't asked to look at your passport - many employers now ask to see that as well

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