Car Repossession please help

blackhorse want to repossess my car, I have not missed a payment but have paid reduced payments since I lost my job. I have a letter from the local court saying it is going to a hearing, no one at blackhouse contacted me, they just sent a letter and filed the papers the same day. They say I owe £19k, the car was £23K including their finance, which I was misinformed about at the garage, I've paid over £7K, and I know if i give the car back the still expect me to pay £15k, and I won't have a car. I need the car to continue my midwifery training, Im due to qualifiy in a few months then I will have a job
21:07 Sat 10th Mar 2012
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Its not entirely clear what your questions but....

Go to court, take evidence that you will have a job in a few months. Take a financial statement showing that when you have the job you will not only be able to pay the full amount but can pay something extra to clear the arrears. Explain to the judge in court that the car is vital to your job.
I endorse what Richard 1966says.
The only thing I'm not sure about is whether you need to keep this particular car for the job- it seems quite an expensive one.

Have you already been offered a job to start after you qualify or are you just hoping to get a job?
the last thing they want is the car back so if you explain the above to them I'm sure you can come to some sort of arrangement.
The first thing to establish is how the car was purchased, was it a Bill of sale, which is the most likely in which case the goods would remain in your possession and use but ownership is not transferred to the creditor so goods can be repossessed. A bill of sale gives the creditor all the advantages of an HP/conditional sale agreement and removes some of the disadvantages; the creditor with a correctly executed bill of sale can repossess the vehicle without a court order so I am puzzled by your reference to court action
Where the bill of sale secures an agreement regulated by the consumer credit act there must be a separate agreement, which complies with the CCA. Enforcement of the agreement includes the exercise of the creditor under the bill of sale, and if you have reduced your payments without the agreement of the creditor this may be the difficulty.
As has been said the key to this will probably be discussion with the creditor, which I would suggest, you deal with immediately.

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