child wants to leave home

at what age can a child leave home legally?
20:11 Thu 08th Mar 2012
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16 in the uk
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16 in the uk
Everyone has it you can leave home at 16, and work full time but not at night

You smoke at almost any age (not in public) and can buy tobacco and alcohol (not with a meal) at 18.

Not quite sure what smoking has to do with it ...
You are quite right oj smoking has got absolutely nothing to do with the age you can leave home, neither has the fact that the age of criminal responsibility in England & Wales is 10 but under common law in the USA it is as low as 7 in most states, but 18 in Belgium. I thought this information might interest someone.
Depends where the child goes. If a child of 13 leaves home and goes somewhere where they will be well looked after, the police won't return them.
I left at 15.............the police told my mother they could not make me come home.

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