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My partner has recently been charged with 2 counts of assault when he answered his bail at the police station. The case is yet to go to court but the date has been confirmed. I made a witness statement against him. I would like to retract my statement but i have been told by the police that the 'superiours' have taken it out of the officers hands whom dealt with the case, and it will probaby go to court anyway. I havent retracted it! Although the police have spoken to 2 other witnesses, one lodge a complaint and the other one only confirmed she heard his voice, the latter was told they wouldnt be contacted again. Can i still retract my statement at this stage now the CPS are involved and a court date has been set? If i can retract my statement can it still go to court?
18:16 Tue 26th Jan 2010
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Unfortunately yes it can, even if you make a retraction statement you can still be forced to do to court and give evidence against him. Your statement can still be used and if you refuse cou can be arrested and bought before the court.
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You can't retract your statement, you can just make a retraction statement. This would give good reason why you wanted to withdraw your statement ie you were mistaken or under the influence etc. This does not mean that your original statement wont be used in court and you can still be called to give evidence from it.
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