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My son was attacked in May of this year he is 15 years old. the men aged between 19 and 21 are being charged with GBH section 18 will my son receive any compensation for what he has been through by the court or do i need a seperate lawyer to get any for him
15:39 Fri 14th Aug 2009
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Was he badly injured?

He might be able to claim from the criminal injuries board. If that's still going.
Before the case somes to court make sure that the CPS has a victim statement from your son. This is usually a simple letter addressed to the court saying how this attack has affected him. i.e. he is now afraid to go out, if he sees a group of men he gets panicked and runs home.etc etc.
Compensation should be automatically ordered but it is worth letting CPS know that you would like it asked for. I wouldn't have thought you would need a lawyer.
surely you should be more interested in getting the men sent down than compensation
reddragon, she is concerned for her son, a child who was attacked by 2 adults. the law will (theoretically) deal with the defendants, but she is entitled to think of her son now.
Gaynor, you do not need solicitors and you can make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.

As Oldmaggie says, compensation will normally be awarded. However, if the defendants are given a custodial sentence, no compensation will be awarded and thus your son's only chance of compensation is through the CICB.
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dancairo...are you insinuating that I am advising gaynor's son to tell lies? If so I take excetion to that remark. I would also add that compensation is part of the justice a victim gets from the court. He will only have to resort to the criminal injuries board if court order for compensation is not forthcoming.

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