Breach of the Peace

I was pretty drunk at weekend and woke up in a prison cell (not good). I can't remember anything but was told i was in there for breach of the peace. When i was let out i was given a �40 fine. I didnt really ask any questions as i was in complete shock, but my main concern is, will this give me a criminal record?? they took my picture and fingerprints, why would they need that for drunk and disorderly conduct? Im hoping once i pay the fine it will go away as its a first offence, ive never even been inside a police station! but im concerned that i have a record now or even that it will show up on a Disclosure check for future jobs? Can anyone advise?? Thank you :-s
21:36 Mon 27th Apr 2009
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Since you don't seem to have been anywhere near a court, I assume that you've actually received a 'fixed penalty notice' rather than a 'fine'.

FPNs are not the same as criminal convictions. You don't have to declare them if an employment application asks about convictions. Similarly, they won't show up on a CRB check at standard level. A CRB check at enhanced level (such as that required for jobs working in schools, etc) won't automatically show FPNs but they can show any information (such as FPNs or even unsubstantiated allegations) that a senior police officer (or other appropriate authority) regards as relevant.


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