wounding with intent

my girlfriend was glassed in the face and chest and had 35 stiches the girls followed her in the toilet to do it and stopped her for leaving the toiet after the girl did what sentence do you think you girl will get?
15:50 Mon 17th Nov 2008
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'Wounding with intent' is a very serious charge. It's only one step down the scale from 'attempted murder', and it carries the same maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

When using a weapon (such as a glass) it makes a significant difference to the sentence as to whether the weapon 'came to hand at the scene' or whether it was 'acquired prior to the offence and carried to the scene with specific intent to injure the victim'.

From your account of things, it seems likely that the court will decide that the latter applies. If so, the guideline 'starting point' for sentencing is 8 years custody. Judges are given some discretion but, unless there are exceptional circumstances, they should impose a sentence in the range of 7 to 10 years.

'Operating in groups or gangs' is regarded as aggravating the level of the offence, so that the sentence might be pushed up to, say, 9 years.

However, those sentences apply to first-time offenders convicted after a trial. An early guilty plea will result in a significant reduction in the sentence. My guess is that the offender will be sentenced to around 6 years imprisonment.

Page 13, here:
http://www.sentencing-guidelines.gov.uk/docs/a ssault-against-the%20person.pdf

your victim support contact should be able to give you such information
From those facts it looks like premeditated GBH which is a serious offence. If the offender is charged with Wounding/gbh with intent (Section 18) and sentenced, it seems likely the court will pass a sentence of between 3-4yrs. Take a look at http://www.thelawpages.com/sentencing type in GBH and see what others have received for GBH. For example, there�s a case in there where the offender - Amara Doucoure aged 23 - glassed a woman at a nightclub and got 4yrs.
A guaranteed 8-10 year sentence minimum.

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