How serious is the offence of 'Resist or obstruct constable' (Police Act 1996 S.89(2) ?

I was found guilty last year of 'Resist or obstruct constable' Police Act 1996 S.89(2) (I was charged and found guilty for 2 offences as there were 2 officers). This has now appeared on my Enhanced CRB and I have to appear before a commitee of my employers (I am a teacher) who believe that it might affect my ability to safely work with children. There was no assault or violence involved and I did not attempt to break free or run - I withdrew my arms into my body when officers attempted to handcuff me in the back of a patrol car (there was an officer either side of me). How can I best relate the seriousness (or not) of this offence to my employers ? eg. are there worse offences that could have been brought against me if I had displayed signs of violence or attempting to run? Any thoughts or advice will be gratefully received, thanks.
15:50 Thu 23rd Oct 2008
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I think your employers may be more interested in why you were being detained by the police officers in the first place.
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For refusing a breathalyser which I was found not guilty of (and which I wasn't guilty of!)
Any constructive answers please ?
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Thanks ronni. I did declare it in my CRB and actually went to the Teaching Council in person to inform them of it. I think I will take your advice and tell them everything (at this stage it's an investigating 3 member panel which will decide whether to take it further or to re-issue my registration and I can only put my side in writing). It's just that everyone seems to think the convictions at least sound bad (perhaps they confuse it with 'assault with intent to resist arrest')? I'll also get onto references tomorrow. thanks again !

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