Will a juvenile reprimand show up on a CRB check?

Hi there,

I'm applying for a job that is going to carry out a CRB check. Unfortunately when I was 16 I was arrested and reprimanded for shop lifting.

I recently had a PNC check done for another job and this came back clear. Does this mean that a CRB will also come back clear?

Obviously very worried about this!
02:14 Sat 22nd Mar 2008
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Yes. Nothing will come back from the CRB - PROVIDING you don't reoffend.

A reprimand, is a tool used by police to say your on your last chance - you've been stupid, done a few stupid things, now its getting serious type thing.

They disappear off your record after time, normally 6-12 months, but am not sure.

in sort, your ok. Just keep on the straight and narrow lol.

Only 1 answer

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