Possible GBH charges

Hi two of my mates were at the pub and play fighting, until it got out of hand and turned nasty which one of my mates ended up with a broken jaw through the other person hitting him, if my friend presses charges what will the other person be looking at? jail? gbh charge? or community thank you.
00:14 Sun 25th Mar 2012
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Dan, I know I'm not being very helpful, but can I ask the question that comes first - why were your friends fighting in a pub, or anywhere for that matter, and calling it 'play'?
And if they are 'mates', and their foolishness led to one being hurt, why is there any suggestion that one will take legal action against the other? 'Mates' don't do that to each other.
You'll get annoyed with me, but I'd suggest a big dose of growing up is needed all round. Let these two sort out their own self-made problems, and steer clear of people who create these sorts of problems by behaving like overgrown babies.
drink related?if he was any sort of mate he wouldnt press charges.
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I called it 'play' at first because as you know sometimes people get aggressive when drunk... and start fooling around but it got serious this time, and i know fully well its childish and he should never press charges against him but he is, all i was after was what type of sentence will he be looking at if it went that far.
Play fighting ? Drunken brawl is more like it.
Outcome depends on the charge if any. If charges result from this come back and let us know what they are, but a jail term seems very unlikedly.
The decision on whether to "press charges" does not rest with your friend. It rests with the CPS. Best to wait and see what they decide.
it doesn't matter about "the mate" pressing charges, it is up to the CPS. (You cannot consent to an assault on yourself)
More eloquently put by newjudge than me lol

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