Section 20 charges

Please see my earlier thread dated the 20th if needed.

If i plead guilty to a section 20, and the person injured incurred a broken cheek, jaw and eye socket what is my likely sentence and costs.

There is alot in mitigation, it was during sport, previous good character of 30 years, i have dependants, i am employed, work with vulnerable individuals, there was provocation, one blow and there were witnesses.

Please help.
20:37 Thu 23rd Feb 2012
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You seem to have had some perfectlyngood answers on your previous post.
Anyone know if it is possible that after the judge has fined and senctenced this guy the "victim" could further sue him for damages because he pleaded guilty?
have you been to court with this yet? what is the outcome on your case i am going through something on same charge section 20

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