WILL I GO TO PRISON? please help!!

hi there ive just been found guilty in crown court after a 3day trial for possetion with intent to supply.

the last thing the judge said was im getting a custodial sentance
the last thing my barister said is your 100percent going to prison for 12-18months,

i have a pre sentance report to do this week and have my senancing on the 15th march

what happened... the police searched my car and found 193 grams of canibis in my girlfriends bag, and 3 mobile phones in her bag.

she was charged with possesion and delt with in magistraites, she got comunity order ect ect.

i was send to crown court

they traced the phones and found about 10 messages containing involvment in supply.

i said in trail the mobiles where hers and the drugs hers for personal use.

during the trail they linked the ,messeges to me and i was found guilty with possesion with intent to supply.

the last thing the judge said was im getting a custodial sentance
the last thing my barister said is your 100percent going to prison for 12-18months,

ive got a pre sentance report to do and ive got to be sencanced on the 15th


ive got 9 other offences in my previos, nothing this bad

my intrests are metal detecting fishing snooker im just starting up a new buisness. last time i was aresswover a year ago.

i dont do drugs

the only reason i was involved in this offence was because my girlfriend was a drug user and got me into this mess


please could someone reply and tell me what u think?
00:47 Sat 18th Feb 2012
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good points.. yeah your right guess ill just have to go for it then, so if they give me 12months then i get that halved if im good, and then possibly a month knocked off then for a tag. so id serve 5months.

ahh my days im not looking fowrad to this. looks like i might have to do a spelling course then. :). great website, instant responces, friendly people. thanks guys. guess need to stop worring and try sleep its 132am here in england. thanks again
..take it on the chin...is all you can do!
Sorry, but yes looks like you will be spending some time at Her Majesty's.
It should give you time to think and set yourself straight, you don't seem to be lucky and your namesake wasn't either.
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I did try to reply to this last night but the internet connection went down.
Yes , sorry but it looks certain you are going to do time.
With 9 previous convictions of which 2 were drug related there is no way you are staying out.
Do not keep on about it not being your fault at the presentence report it will actually harm your case. The best you can hope is that you get classified as a cat D prisoner. Cat D means you can go to an open prison. I worked as a literacy teacher at an open prison, for many it was the first chance they had had to get one to one tuition and help with reading and writing.
Several inmates thanked me for the help , they realised that it had improved the chance of getting a job. Open prison is not a holiday camp but it can be a posative expierience
To get cat D status you need to let them know you are sorry and want to help yourself improve so think along those lines. Best of luck
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Is that the link you meant to put, exdc? It just leads back to this thread
Ooops, thanks Factor.
in the nicest possible way eddie, (although i realise there IS no nice way) i find it incredibly hard to believe you worked as a literacy teacher!
As my old mate Jeffrey Archer used to say: If one can't do the time, one shouldn't do the crime
LOL@bednobs.. ;-)
luciano, nothing to add, but this is actually a UK site...99% of people here in in the UK too...

laws differ in other countries, so be wary of people on other sites answers as they may be incorrect for the uk
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thanks everyone, well summing up all the comments looks like theres no chance this is gunna get suspended :( im gutted
Use this as an opportunity to take advantage of any educational time you are offered. You got yourself into this mess.
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hi there, thanks for all the comments, ive recently done the pre sencance report and they said there gunna advise cumunity service and maby a suspended sentance, that was pritty much the exact way he said it, now im a little confused cuz my barrister said im goin prison 100percent, and the pre sentance report have said this to me after i explained myself ect ect. so now is there any chance you guys think i might not go to prison after hearing what the pre sentance report people said? or u think its still defo prison, eg, do they recomend cumunity for every case ect ect???

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