What do you think about children missing from school registers?

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AB Editor | 00:00 Thu 13th Mar 2008 | Jobs & Education
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A large number of children are missing from school registers, councils claim they are in no danger, but MPs investigating worry that some have been taken abroad to marry against their will. What do you think?

More needs to be done to protect these children. If they are missing from school registers legitimate reasons must be found, and also monitored. - 418 votes
The number of children missing of the school registers is small, this is not a major issue we need to be worrying about; councils insist they are in no danger. - 53 votes
Closer monitoring should perhaps take place, but there is no way of stopping these children's parents from forcing them to get married. It is what they think is best for their child. - 50 votes

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What do you think about children missing from school registers?

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