can i be made redundant while off sick

I have just come out of hospital after a month and have a sick note for 4 weeks for post operation recovery but have just been told by someone i work with that my position is being removed can they do that while im on the sick or will they have to wait till after it ends. (i do not get paid my salary while off just sick pay)
16:08 Thu 11th Dec 2008
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hi Donna

sorry to hear you have been poorly hope you feel better soon.

no one can be made redundant while they are off sick. if you are a member of a union ask your steward but the law is on your side.

good luck Jan x
Good answer for awarding of stars, but unfortunately wrong.
Of course you can be made redundant whilst off sick, although the employer must still follow the agreed procedures. I

f employers weren't allowed to make people redundant whilst off sick, just imagine the impact- as soon as there was hit of redundancies some people would go off sick, leaving the others in work to suffer the redundancies... that would be a nonsense.
Sorry Donna, my reponse was to afcjan- I didn't intend to sound unsympathetic to your situation.
my apologies Donna, apparently if you are off sick you cant be sacked.

The others were right as they pointed out to me and I was wrong. really sorry for any confusion and sorry if I built yr hopes up.

still hope you get better soon.


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can i be made redundant while off sick. or have the firm got to wait till i return to procede.

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