Holiday Entitlement for Temporary staff

Does anybody know what holiday temporary (agency) staff are entitled to? I seem to remember from somewhere about having to acrue leave after 13 weeks? Please give any advise as it would be really appreciated by my colleague.

23:13 Wed 06th Jun 2007
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Last time I worked for an agency (last year), I accrued 1 1/2 days holiday for each month I had worked there (this worked out at 20 days pa). I didn't have to wait before I took my leave, if I had worked there 1 month then I could take the 1 1/2 days I had accrued so far straight away.
Hiya wizzywoo1972, if i remember right from working on the agency our holiday was calculated through amount of hours we worked, which is about full time hours.
You'll have to check your contract or ask the agency in question:

You have a legal entitlement to 20 days off a year, based on working full time hours.

Some agencies include this statutory holiday pay in with the wages you get from week to week, based on number of hours worked (it'll be 8.33% of hourly rate). Some companies seperate holiday pay from regular pay on the payslip, some don't.

It's a less administratively time consuming way than accruing it and having to apply for it. However, some places still work like this.

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