Boots' Hourly Rate

Does anyone know what Boots pay their 16-17 year olds? Is it the minimum �3.00?

13:36 Mon 07th Aug 2006
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When I started working for boots on my 16th birthday I think I was on 4.20 or something. no lower than four pounds. That was about 6/7 yrs ago now though.
forgot to add..quite good employers really..considering there a large chain. Excellent discount when I was there! don't know of that's changed.
I'm sure Minimum Wage is �4.80.
the minimum wage for under 18's is now 3.30, it used to be 2.80 or 3.00 or something stupid like that. WHSmith pay me 4.85 and now I'm 18 i think it's 5.05.. not a great difference though..! x

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