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hi i'm leaving my job soon and i'm sure i worked a week in hand which i should get back when i leave, however when i started there 5 years ago as an apprentice i was getting paid �60 a week, now its aroung �260 take home. does anyone know whether i will get paid in my starting wages or in my currant wages.
23:24 Mon 10th Jul 2006
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If you work a week in hand you receive the previous week's wages each week. When you leave, you'll get that week's wages and the previous one too, so �520 in total.
This was standard practice when I worked in factories. They paid in cash then, and you had to go back to your old workplace the week after you left to pick up your last week's pay.
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My husband works a job which pays him a week in hand - we recently took two weeks holiday and yesterday was the first pay day since returning from holiday and his employer has not paid him. Am I correct in thinking that he should have been paid for the week he worked before we took our holidays or does he have to work the week in hand again? I am so confused as to why they haven't paid him. :(
My husband works a job in which he has been paid a week in hand. We recently took 2 weeks holiday and yesterday was the first Friday back since our holidays, Friday is pay day. His employer has not paid him this week. Am I right in thinking that he should have been paid for the week's work he did prior to us going on holiday this pay day? The week he finished for holidays he was paid for the previous week he worked and then whilst on holiday he received two weeks holiday pay. Surely now he should have received payment for the week he worked leading up to our holiday? I am so confused, would appreciate anyone's knowledge on this. Many thanks

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