Had an interview yesterday and was told that I would know the outcome of the interview tomorrow either way if I get the job or not. I heard nothing from them today, would that mean u have been unsuccessful ?

Been waiting for the phonecall all day but nothing.
18:51 Tue 20th Mar 2012
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usually, but the one offered it may still refuse, and if you performed well you may be second!

so don't panic yet!
I understand rudeness is the order of the day these days. No one wants the cost and hassle of letting folk know they didn't get the job. But you can not be sure so see how it goes.
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I'm tempted to give'm a call tmorrow to know, cos if I have not been offered then at least I would want to know why with interview feedback.
I think they might be offering to number 1 choice today but they don't want to say no to you just yet in case he/she turns it down. You're next in line in my opinion. Hold fire until lunchtime tomorrow then call them.
agree with maidup, give them a little time, but then phone them, they shouldn't promise to notify you either way and then not do so!....
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I gave them a call today and she said that she will let the person who is dealing with my situation to call me and tell me the outcome.

I waited, no phone call. Could it be they are still selecting or shortlisting the right candidate even after the interview ?
I would give it another day and the phone again - at the end of the day it will show you are keen. I have noticed a lot of employers hate telling people they didn't get the job but it is essential to the person who was interviewed to know where to improve for the next time.
they dont usually tell the people who didnt get it anything until the person who gets it either accepts or rejects it - in case there is another person they interviewed who would make a good second
In my current job I had to wait ages for a reply due to them collecting my references - they could not offer the position without having them, but they did tell me this during my interview. If you do not get the position (fingers crossed you do) don't forget to ask for feedback.
you should ask for feedback if you don't get it! often a very good learning opportunity!
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I sent an email to the HR woman aswell regarding the situation who confirmed the interview.

Hopefully some good news tomorrow or in the next few days.
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Yes I will definately ask for feedback if I'm unsuccessful.

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